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Welcome to the ROAMIN' RIGS web site !

The ROAMIN' RIGS is a Tampa Bay (Florida) Area Chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA). This chapter was chartered 3/26/1990. We usually have over 30 motor coaches in our chapter.   ROAMIN' RIGS chapter members can be full or part time residents of Florida. Any FMCA member residing in Florida is eligible for membership'
Rally Information

Our club rallies are held on the 4th weekend of each month unless a conflict or other issue exists.There are no official club rallies in June, July or August. However, several club members schedule "unofficial" rallies throughout the summer. We refer to these as 'FARTS' (Fellowship Amongst Riggers Traveling in Summer) rallies. All of our rallies are held at campgrounds within 150 miles of Tampa, Florida. Usually 16-24 rigs attend. Programs vary from just relaxing, conversation, card playing and craft making, to high energy sports such as bean bag baseball, holey board, and bocce ball. One regular feature is the traditional "happy hour" which is held every Friday and Saturday afternoon at every rally. Membership in all activities is voluntary. Members swap travel and technical experiences in addition to life and travel tales. Business meetings are held as necessary.

Start Your Journey
Travel through each page of our web site. If you have any questions or would like more information about our club, e-mail  Ron Kemerer our Wagon Master, by clicking the e-mail address below.  We are always accepting new members and would love to have you come join us for a weekend rally and see what the 'Riggers' are all about.
For more information about our great club contact Bruce Boyer at

Have a safe journey !

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